A GapClamp™ is a unique scaffold safety device that clamps into position filling the 50mm gap left between the scaffold boards, through which tools, materials and debris may fall. GapClamp™ is a simple and ingenious solution to this hazardous problem.

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Why do I need it?

Legal compliance
Health and safety on site has become a legal priority these days, so falling objects from scaffolding is a high probability.

No more wasting time
Plugging the gaps left between boards can be an expensive and wasteful exercise - cutting wood to size and fixing it down.

GapClamp is robust, made of lightweight yet incredibly tough industrial polyolefin.


Q. How much does a GapClamp weigh per unit?
A.1.3kg or 769 units per tonne.

Q. Is the bolt captive?
A.Yes under normal working practices.

Q. Does a GapClamp warp or twist?
A.No because the patented system enables the units to be clamped firmly into position on either side of the boards.

Q. Could I base out my scaffold using GapClamps?

Q. Can a GapClamp be recycled?
A.Yes, at the end of it's working life it is 100% recycable. A GapClamp has been designed for durability and can be used under harsh conditions again and again.

Q. Is the polyolefin UV stabalised?

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A GapClamp™ is available in 2 specially designed sizes.
They perfectly fit the regulation spaces between scaffold poles.

GapClamp top view


GapClamp cross-section

There is also 970mm GapClamp.

You can combine different lengths for various site requirements

1800c/c, use x2 880mm GapClamps

2000c/c use x2 970mm GapClamps

2100c/c, use x2 1020mm GapClamps

2700c/c use x3 880mm GapClamps

The cross section shows a 1 piece mould around the bolt thread, this ensures amazing strength and integrity.

1 piece mould around the bolt thread


Scaffold pole

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